• A New Diagnostic Tool for Dry Eye Disease: Tear Osmolarity. Do you suffer from Dry Eye Disease?

    Do you know the osmolarity of your tears? It’s essential! An elevated tear osmolarity can indicate dry eye disease even before you become symptomatic. Dr. Cottle and her staff at Lake Austin Eye now offer this test, which is quickly becoming the Gold Standard for the diagnosis and management of Dry Eye Disease. It is painless and quick, and covered by most insurance plans. Come in today and find out if you are at risk for this chronic and sight-threatening eye disease.

  • Constantly Using Artificial Tears may be a sign of Dry Eye Disease. Artificial Tears are Just a Palliative Treatment

    Over time, some people need them more and more often as the condition gets worse. They may also find that using different kinds or brands of eye drops aren’t enough. Using artificial tears can help moisten the eyes and may provide short-term relief, but they cannot help increase tear production in cases where it may be caused by inflammation due to Chronic Dry Eye. Dr. Cottle can measure your tear osmolarity in the office and determine if you have this condition. These days, there are prescription eyedrops that actually improve the inflammation and can significantly lessen the symptoms of Dry Eye Disease. Dr. Cottle is a Fellowship-Trained Dry Eye Specialist…she formulates individual treatment plans for each patient. If you are experiencing blurred vision, redness, burning or “tired eyes”, you may be suffering from Dry Eye Disease.

  • Give or Get the Gift of Sight for the Holidays!

    Lake Austin Eye celebrates the Holidays with an Amazing LASIK Special for the months of November and December.

    Whether you are looking for a special gift of sight for a loved one, or a way to spend those extra Flexible Health Spending Account dollars, come see us at Lake Austin Eye. Dr. Gina Cottle is a fellowship-trained LASIK surgeon with years of experience, and she uses bladeless, all laser LASIK with custom wavefront technology. Call us at 512-263-1113 to find out more about this exciting LASIK Holiday deal.

  • New optical implant offers hope to those suffering from AMD.

    via KVUE // AUSTIN, TX // by Jim Bergamo / KVUE News and photojournalist John Gusky.

    A new, telescopic implant is giving hope to patients suffering from a debilitating eye disease. Jane Waterman, 79, says macular degeneration started affecting her eyesight a few years ago…

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  • Grand Opening of Lake Austin Eye!

    We are so excited to open our new office just outside of Loop 360, in Southwest Austin. Come visit us and see our lovely new office with all of it’s state-of-the-art equipment for your vision needs. We do routine eye exams, including children and contact lens exams. We also see all cornea, glaucoma, diabetic and macular degeneration patients. We will be offering various specials during this time to celebrate our new office. Check it out!

  • Dr. Cottle is the first surgeon in Texas to perform the new Implantable Miniature Telescope

    Dr. Cottle is the first surgeon in Texas to perform the new Implantable Miniature Telescope for end-stage macular degeneration, since it’s approval by the FDA in October 2011.