Patient Testimonials

Lake Austin Eye appreciates hearing from our patients.

We work hard to make sure each and every patient is expertly cared for and informed about the options they have in regard to their vision.
Read what a few of our patients have to say! Are you a current Lake Austin Eye Patient? Click here to share your story—we’d love to hear from you.

  • Dr. Cottle and staff are great, They are caring, kind and patient. She is a breath of fresh air in the world of medical care.

    - Morgan Satterfield

  • I came to Dr. Cottle after a particularly difficult experience with another specialist. Dr. Cottle walked me through every step of my treatment and subsequent corneal transplant on both eyes. Without being overly dramatic, she saved my sight. Dr. Cottle is not only a highly skilled surgeon; she is a caring, kind medical professional that involves her patients in every aspect of their medical treatment, welcomes questions and always takes the time to make sure I was at ease with each step of my care. I cannot say enough to thank her for taking care of me. She is the very best!

    - Martha Satterfield

  • Dr Cottle was instrumental in helping to restore my vision in my right eye and I would highly recommend her to anyone!

    - Dee Shultz

  • I had been putting off cataract surgery because, the idea of someone cutting on my eyeball just didn’t sound like something that I’d enjoy. Dr. Cottle did a wonderful job. It was painless, and fast, and not even uncomfortable. The change in my vision is spectacular, and almost unbelievable. Not only has my vision dramatically improved, but the colors that I see are much brighter. I didn’t realize how bad my vision was until Dr. Cottle did my right eye. My left eye (the good one) is terrible by comparison to my repaired right eye. I’m having my left eye done right away. I would highly, highly recommend Dr. Cottle.

    - Lake Austin Eye Patient

  • Dr. Gina Cottle performed 2 cornea transplants with a lens implant on me. She is one of the best doctors I’ve had the pleasure of having! 100% recommendation! Thanks Dr. Cottle!

    - Lake Austin Eye Patient

  • I was referred to Dr. Cottle from another doctor for dry eyes. She has been very thorough at every check-up visit. She listens to my concerns and explains my medical condition to me in a manner that I can understand. They have even worked me into the schedule when I felt I wasn’t seeing well. The staff have been very friendly and helpful. Insurance and payment have gone smoothly every time. I am very pleased to be a patient of Dr. Cottle’s. I highly recommend them- I actually have on the eye care aisle of Target!

    - Lake Austin Eye Patient

  • Finally, an eye doc that could really help me. Dr. Cottle is really great and was able to properly diagnose my red and constantly tearing eye problem and get me on a symptom management program. I have been to 2 eye docs in So. Calif and 2 here in the Austin area with no success…until Dr. Cottle. She’s the best!!

    - Steve Frohling

  • Dr. Cottle was kind and professional to me throughout my entire LASIK experience. You can tell that she is confident in what she does, yet she was always available to me when I had any questions or concerns. I love my new vision! It is such a gift to wake up in the morning and see the alarm clock so clearly, as well as the faces of my children!

    - Amanda Waring

  • After going in for a routine eye exam, I was sent to a specialist and told I was going to need a corneal transplant. To make matters worse, he said I was going to need cataract surgery before getting the transplant and possible complications from this operation could accelerate my need for a new cornea. Upon hearing this news, I went to see a handful of other doctors for a second opinion, each confirmed my initial diagnosis.

    Upon further research and understanding of what I had, I went to see Dr. Cottle. When she heard my story, she was calm, attentive and put me at ease. She offered hope about my situation, being clear and comprehensive in all her answers. Because of Dr. Cottle’s extensive experience and knowledge of corneal transplants, Dr. Cottle was able to do the cataract surgery and avoided the need for a corneal transplant. Dr. Cottle is an outstanding specialist, also possessing compassion and discernment.

    - Karen Michels

  • I really thought it was important to see my surgeon, Dr. Cottle, from the beginning of the process to the end. She evaluated me preoperatively, did the surgery, and saw me for my post-operative visits. Not all centers provide such one-on-one service. I love my new eyes!

    - Darlene Smith

  • Dr. Gina Cottle is a Godsend! If you are looking for a Doctor that will not only listen to you but actually hear what you have to say and then make it her priority help you, then you have found the right person for the job. For five years and through some pretty serious illnesses, I searched for a doctor to tell me what was wrong and what was happening. None were able to help me. Then, dozens of medical specialists later, I accidentally found Dr. Gina Cottle. I was scheduled to see another Dr. when she came thru the exam room door. That very day I received help for my medical problem. Her diagnosis has proved to be correct. I am now on the road to a happier, healthier life and I owe it all to her. Her medical expertise is amazing and her way of relating to a patient is soul soothing. Thank you Dr. Cottle for giving me my life back.

    - Pam S.

  • I was referred to Dr. Cottle when I was informed that I needed cataract surgery for my right eye. She reviewed my medical history, surgically repaired my eye and closely monitored my recovery. She was personable, professional and thorough. During the course of the recovery process and following some additional research by Dr Cottle, she recommended I have a MRI (add’l test) to determine if there were additional factors affecting my vision. As a result of that testing, I learned that I had a brain tumor (meningioma) and subsequently sought medical assistance for treatment. I am forever grateful for Dr Cottle’s insight and thoroughness in treating me.

    - John D.