Dry Eye Disease Options

Constantly Using Artificial Tears may be a sign of Dry Eye Disease

Artificial Tears are Just a Palliative Treatment

Over time, some people need them more and more often as the condition gets worse. They may also find that using different kinds or brands of eye drops aren’t enough. Using artificial tears can help moisten the eyes and may provide short-term relief, but they cannot help increase tear production in cases where it may be caused by inflammation due to Chronic Dry Eye. Dr. Cottle can measure your tear osmolarity in the office and determine if you have this condition. These days, there are prescription eyedrops that actually improve the inflammation and can significantly lessen the symptoms of Dry Eye Disease. Dr. Cottle is a Fellowship-Trained Dry Eye Specialist…she formulates individual treatment plans for each patient. If you are experiencing blurred vision, redness, burning or “tired eyes”, you may be suffering from Dry Eye Disease.